Disclaimer and Risks of Online Gambling

Disclaimer and Risks of Online Gambling
Gambling at 888starz with money is not only about vivid emotions but also a chance to win big prizes. However, users planning to bet real funds should understand that gambling entertainments are associated with risk.


Risks Associated with 888starz Services

Betting real funds carries financial risks. A bet can lose, resulting in monetary losses. The company is not responsible for potential losses. Remember, no strategy guarantees a 100% chance of winning. This applies to both winning tactics and bankroll management systems.

It's important not to place too much emphasis on previous results. Some believe that if several bets in a row have lost, the next round will surely bring a win. However, there is no correlation between past and future results. In gambling, everything depends only on the random number generator. All video slots available in the casino are certified, confirming that the results depend only on randomness.

When playing at 888starz, ensure that gambling addiction does not develop. This dangerous disease can lead to worsening financial conditions, job problems, and social relations. To avoid ludomania, always maintain control over yourself. Don't try to win back, don't spend more funds than you decided before starting the gaming session.

Treat gambling as regular entertainment. Don't turn it into a way of earning. No gaming device guarantees a stable income, no matter how high the return to player (RTP) is. If you feel that ludomania is starting to develop, use the self-exclusion features.

888starz offers the possibility to:
  • voluntarily block the profile temporarily or permanently;
  • set deposit limits;
  • determine bet limits.

If you understand that games have started causing problems, contact an organization that helps gamblers. Contacts of such companies are available on the 888starz website. You can also request contact details from the support service through online chat. Contacts of organizations that help ludomaniacs can also be requested by email support.

Signs of Gambling Entertainment Problems

If you detect signs of gambling addiction, stop playing immediately. Determine at what stage ludomania is developing.

The following symptoms indicate the presence of the disease:
  • almost all free time is devoted to games;
  • money intended for more important needs is used for betting;
  • there is a constant desire to win back, to compensate for losses.

If ludomania has already developed significantly, seek help from specialists as soon as possible.



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